A tech start-up with a mission to create a pozitive world economy!
We are a 2 cofounders, a creative designer and operating advisor: Amit (CTO), ladypozz (CEO) Jett Archer (Design) and Marissa (Advisor), supported by a full-time dev team. We are based in Australia and have been working together to build the POZZ platform since 2021.
POZZ core team: Amit (CTO), ladypozz (CEO) Jett Archer (Design) and Marissa (Advisor)

Watch our team's presentation by Jett Archer

Jett walks through all things POZZ in 4 minutes.
POZZ video presentation by Jett Archer

Contact Us

We'd love to hear any feedback or questions you have about POZZ, so if you'd like to chat directly with us, please email [email protected] or join our Discord.