POZZ - the positive coin.


Cryptocurrency is transforming the way we think about money and finance, providing new opportunities for individuals to manage and transfer wealth. However, traditional cryptocurrencies may not be accessible or safe for young people, who are increasingly exposed to digital financial transactions.
This is where our youth-friendly cryptocurrency 'POZZ' comes in. We recognize the importance of creating a secure and easy-to-use cryptocurrency that promotes financial literacy among children and teenagers. Our cryptocurrency is designed to be non-volatile, providing young people with a safe and stable way to learn about personal finance and blockchain technology.
With POZZ, youth can learn about personal finance and blockchain technology in a fun and engaging way. They can earn, save, and spend their POZZ coins without worrying about the volatility that often comes with traditional cryptocurrencies. This promotes responsible financial management and helps children and teens develop a better understanding of the value of money, whilst providing positive incentives for positive behaviours and choices.
The POZZ mobile app, which has been purposefully built as home of the POZZ coin, also provides a safe and secure way to manage and transfer POZZ coins. Parents can also help control and monitor their children's transactions, ensuring that their privacy and security are protected. POZZ provides a revolutionary platform to learn and grow in a positive way, and perhaps make some POZZitive savings for the future! We look forward to sharing our vision with you.

POZZ coin - How it works

Our cryptocurrency POZZ is designed to be stable and rise steadily in value as adoption grows. This is made possible by a unique smart contract that directs a portion of the trading fees generated on our platform back into the price of the coin, creating a virtuous cycle of value appreciation.
Unlike other cryptocurrencies, our coin is not subject to volatility spikes and crashes, making it usable as an everyday currency, and as an ideal investment for those looking for a reliable and predictable return. Additionally, as the first ever crypto platform for youth, we are tapping into a large and underserved market with tremendous growth potential. By investing in our platform, you'll be supporting a socially responsible project that promotes positive values and encourages young people to engage in constructive activities.

Features & Benefits

With POZZ, users don't have to worry about the unpredictable ups and downs of traditional cryptocurrencies. POZZ's unique mechanics not only prevent volatility but also offer the potential for gradual growth over time with adoption. As more trades occur, the transaction fees are deducted and added back into the price of the coin.
This means that with increasing adoption, the transaction volume and the fees collected also increase, leading to a gradual and sustainable price appreciation. This positive effect of the fees on the coin's price ensures that users can benefit from holding POZZ in the long term, without having to rely on speculative price increases.
This makes POZZ an attractive option for users who value stability, sustainability, and long-term growth in their investments.
POZZ achieves its stability through two special mechanics: trade fees and price readjustment. These mechanics ensure that every trade incurs a transaction fee that is added back into the coin's price, and that the liquidity pool price is re-adjusted to only move up by the value of the fee after each trade.
By preventing volatility, POZZ provides a safe and predictable environment for users to learn about personal finance and blockchain technology. This makes it an ideal platform for children and newcomers to the world of cryptocurrency to get started.
With its non-volatile nature, POZZ encourages responsible financial management, allowing users to earn, save, and spend their cryptocurrency without worrying about sudden fluctuations in value. This helps promote a long-term view of investment and helps users build healthy financial habits.


POZZ is an ERC-20 token minted on Polygon, the world's first carbon negative blockchain! It has a custom-made smart contract built in-house by the POZZ development team.

Roadmap - POZZ coin

POZZ Coin has completed several milestones, including the design and architecture of the Steadycoin and integration into the POZZ mobile app, the implementation of a rewards system, and the development of smart contracts.
The coin is robustly tested on the Polygon Mumbai Testnet, with testing for smart contracts functions, price regulation and swaps on Sushiswap exchange, and liquidity management testing on the same exchange. POZZ is initially available for trading exclusively on Sushiswap, with future expansion and development of the smart contracts for listing on other exchanges. The vision of "Pay with POZZ" will be enabled through integrations such as payment via Shopify and WooCommerce stores, instant payment via mobile-apps such as Apple Pay & Google Pay and ultimately availability on everyday payment cards such as Visa & Mastercard.

Completed (2022/2023):

  • Designed and developed Steadycoin and integrated it into the POZZ mobile app
  • Implemented a rewards system and developed smart contracts for the platform

Beta Testing (Mumbai Testnet):

  • Testing smart contracts on Polygon Mumbai Testnet
  • Testing swaps and liquidity management on Sushiswap exchange
  • Launching POZZ/USDC liquidity exclusively on Sushiswap exchange

Upcoming (2023/2024):

  • Onboarding a development team to expand smart contract for listing on other exchanges
  • Expanding "Pay with POZZ" to Shopify and WooCommerce stores
  • Adding instant payment in mobile-apps via Apple Pay & Google Pay
  • Availability on everyday payment cards such as Visa & Mastercard
All of these developments will help POZZ become an everyday currency for the future, as we aim to make it easy for people to use POZZ in their daily lives. By expanding our platform and integrating with major payment systems, we hope to create a seamless experience for POZZ users, making it a trusted and widely used currency.

Roadmap - POZZ mobile app

The POZZ app is designed to facilitate growth and scaling of the POZZ coin.
By offering a user-friendly platform for earning, sending, and receiving POZZ coins, the app makes it easy for users to adopt and use the coin. With upcoming features such as exchange and payment integrations, the app will enable POZZ to be used in a wider range of contexts and further increase its adoption. These features will also make it easier for users to convert their POZZ coins into other currencies or purchase goods, promoting liquidity and usage of the coin. Overall, the POZZ app is a key component of the POZZ ecosystem, helping to drive the growth and value of the POZZ coin over time.

Current Features on the POZZ Mobile App:

  • Earn, send, and receive POZZ coins
  • Scan and pay with QR codes
  • Top up your POZZ coin balance
  • Boost videos with POZZ coins

Public Beta Testing:

  • Display exchange rates (USD) in the app

Internal Beta Testing:

  • Gradual withdrawals from account to chain wallets
  • Recharge your coins with in-app purchases
  • Exchange POZZ coins for other currencies

Upcoming Features (2023/2024):

  • Withdraw your coins to local currency e.g. PayPal
  • Account upgrades and unlock features with POZZ coins
  • Shop & pay directly with POZZ coins
The POZZ mobile app is powerful tool to enable the use of POZZ in a wider range of contexts. Upcoming features such as direct payments with POZZ coins, and withdrawal to local currency further increase the versatility and adoption of the coin. Overall, the POZZ app is a key component of the POZZ ecosystem, helping to drive the growth and value of the coin towards the vision of becoming an everyday currency for the future.


Our journey starts with a small total supply of POZZ coins, where the balance of the liquidity pool is at the heart of our tokenomics strategy.
In the world of POZZ, our tokenomics is a fascinating dance between minting and burning coins. When a trade occurs, our very smart contract follows up by adding or removing coins from the liquidity pool, ensuring its balance remains at a healthy equilibrium and resetting the price. However, to maintain the steady positive gains and price growth that POZZ is known for, we also burn a fraction of coins from the pool as a 'fee' from each trade. This delicate balancing act ensures that POZZ maintains its steady and POZZitive trajectory with every transaction!
POZZ has a unique tokenomics structure that's designed to support sustainable growth and value for its community of users and investors. To avoid any sudden dilution of the coin's value, POZZ's team has implemented a gradual distribution of community rewards and crowdfunding proceeds.
As liquidity deepens and trading volume grows, more rewards and funds will become available, which will incentivize continued participation and support from the community. This gradual release of rewards and funds also helps to ensure that the price of the $POZZ coin remains stable and attractive to potential investors. Overall, POZZ's tokenomics strategy is aligned with its long-term vision of promoting positive activities for kids and building a strong, engaged community of changemakers.

Initial Total Supply:

10 million POZZ coins

Initial Coin Distribution:

  • 50,000 coins for initial liquidity pool launch
  • <25,000 coins for presale and initial app user rewards

Gradual Coin Distribution:

We want to make sure that our POZZ community is strong and our coin's value stays steady. So after launch, we'll be gradually distributing coins to our supporters. We'll do it in a way that won't dilute the price and will make sure the liquidity is deep enough. The goal is that we'll never let the available supply exceed the liquidity, so you can be sure that your POZZ coins will keep their value.
  • XX million coins for POZZ app community rewards
  • XX million coins for crowdfunding & promotions
  • 50 million coins for founders
  • The remainder of total supply is permanently locked in a vault that is only accessed by a smart contract, which is used to maintain our price regulation. These locked coins do not count towards the total supply and hence do not dilute other coins in circulation.
This tokenomics structure is designed to ensure that the POZZ coin remains stable and sustainable in the long term. The initial supply combined with minting/burning coins provides ample room for growth and adoption, while the initial coin distribution is carefully balanced to support the liquidity pool, reward early adopters, and ensure the ongoing development of the platform.
The fact that the remainder of any non-circulating coins are permanently locked in a vault, only accessible by the smart contract, ensures that the price regulation mechanism is secure and stable. With these locked addresses acting as "invisible coins" in the background to regulate price volatility, this helps maintain a steady value for the POZZ coin, making it an attractive option for users who value stability and sustainability in their investments.

Tokenomics - 'Expert Mode'

IMPORTANT: For POZZ whales and investors we will now go into more detail in this section to ensure you have an understanding of the unique mechanics of POZZ, so that you can considerately enter your positions. A version of POZZ smart contract can be reviewed on Testnet here.
By delving into these detailed tokenomics, you can gain a deeper understanding of the mechanisms and factors at play within our project. In our tokenomics, we have implemented various mechanisms to ensure a balanced and efficient market as well as steady positive price appreciation.

TLDR: Highlights of POZZ 'Expert mode' tokenomics:

  • The tokenomics of POZZ focus on rebalancing and burn fees to create incremental positive appreciation with every trade.
  • Rebalancing reduces price impact after each trade, allowing for smoother adjustments in coin price.
  • The 50/50 supply/liquidity ratios maintain a healthy balance between supply and demand.
  • The calculation of Fully Diluted Valuation (FDV) and Market Cap needs to consider the true circulating supply, excluding locked coins in vault addresses.
  • Transfer and trade fees include a burn fee of 5% on all transfers, contributing to price appreciation.
  • 50% of the burn fee is reinvested into the pool ratio after each trade, promoting sustained positive impact on the price.
  • The remaining 50% of the burn fee is allocated to cover rewards emissions for users of the POZZ mobile app, which prevents any dilution of the price from rewards.
  • Price impact for bids exists but is managed through measures to reduce its significance and convert it into steady gains.
  • Actual supply numbers reflect tokens in circulation, excluding locked coins. The initial circulating supply and any vesting tokens are transparently communicated.
  • Rebalancing adjusts the POZZ/USDC ratio in the liquidity pool to reset the price and maintain stability.
  • A maximum buy impact of 1% limits price fluctuations caused by large bids or buys.
  • The liquidity/circulating supply ratio ensures a healthy balance to withstand selling pressure.
  • The initial circulating supply is intentionally set below 50% of total liquidity, following the "golden rule" to maintain stability.
  • Coins purchased during the presale will be vested linearly over 4 weeks from the liquidity pool launch.
  • FDV and Market Cap calculations exclude locked coins, accurately representing actively available supply.
  • POZZ aims to provide a positive and sustainable trading experience for the community.
Overall, POZZ's expert tokenomics aim to create a balanced and efficient market, with mechanisms in place to maintain steady positive price impact, and ensure transparent calculations of value and market capitalization.

Primary liquidity pool - Single source of POZZitive gains

The primary liquidity pool for POZZ coin is designed to be a single source of POZZitive gains. In the initial phase, our smart contract is configured to interact exclusively with a designated pair address. This setup ensures that all trading activities and liquidity provisions take place within one primary pool, allowing our unique 'POZZitive gains' mechanic to come into play. By focusing on a single liquidity pool, we aim to maximize the potential for positive price movements and enhance the overall trading experience for our community.

Transfer/trade fees

Transfer and trade fees play a crucial role in the POZZ ecosystem. Our smart contract incorporates a burn fee of 5% on all transfers in and out of our designated liquidity pool. This means that whenever a transaction occurs, whether it's a swap or liquidity provision, a 5% fee is deducted. The burn fee is a key component for driving the price appreciation of POZZ.
What sets our approach apart is that the smart contract adds back a % of the value of the burn fee into the pool ratio after each trade. This incremental positive effect contributes to the price appreciation and benefits all POZZ holders and investors. By continuously reinvesting the burn fee, we create a mechanism that promotes a sustained and positive impact on the price, aligning with our goal of maximizing POZZitive gains for our community. When you engage in transactions with POZZ, the burn fee is split between two important addresses. As explained above, one portion goes towards reinvesting in the liquidity pool, ensuring its steady positive gains. The other portion is directed to emissions for community rewards, which enables us to provide attractive incentives to adopt and engage with our mobile app, without diluting the price.
This unique approach ensures that every burn fee contributes to both maintaining a healthy liquidity pool and rewarding our dedicated community.
View an example transaction on Testnet here.
POZZ: Example swap of 1000 POZZ coins with 5% transfer fee deductions

Reduced price impact after rebalancing

Our smart contract incorporates a robust rebalancing function to ensure reduced price impact after every trade. This function adjusts the ratio of coins in the liquidity pool, bringing the price back to its original level while also factoring in the positive gain from the trading fee. As a result, each trade contributes to incremental positive appreciation.
To maintain stability and prevent large bids or buys from causing significant price fluctuations, we have implemented a maximum buy impact of 1%. This means that the price impact of any buy is limited to 1% to ensure a steadier trading experience for all.
The purpose of the rebalancing mechanism is to uphold the principle of Steady Gains in both buying and selling scenarios. When selling occurs, the natural movement of the liquidity pool may have a negative price impact. However, our rebalancing function mitigates this impact, allowing for a more positive effect on the price in line with the size of the burn fee. This ensures that all trades, whether buying or selling, contribute to the incremental positive appreciation of POZZ.
POZZ: Example rebalancing adjustment after purchase of 1,000 POZZ coins

The existence of price impact for bids

While our burn fee and rebalancing mechanism contribute to the positive appreciation of POZZ with each trade, it's important to note that bids, especially those with larger volumes, can still have an incremental price impact. This is due to the relative size of the bids compared to the available circulating supply.
However, the value proposition of POZZ lies in the sustainability of price impacts. Once a price impact occurs, it remains in effect without any reversals. We have implemented measures in our smart contract to ensure that in the unlikely event of a price reversal due to unforeseen circumstances, trading will be paused until the issue is rectified. This ensures the integrity and stability of the POZZ ecosystem.

Relevant equations

deltaPrice=(feeAmountprevPrice)/circSupplydelta Price = (feeAmount * prevPrice) / circSupply
In our tokenomics, the "deltaPrice" represents the incremental positive increase in the price of all circulating POZZ coins. This increment is determined by the fee amount deducted from each trade. Once the deltaPrice is calculated, our smart contract automatically adjusts the POZZ/USDC ratio in the liquidity pool to rebalance the price.
By transferring the necessary amount of POZZ coins in and out of the liquidity pool, the ratio is reset and the price aligns with the new level. This mechanism ensures that the price of POZZ reflects the positive gains generated through trading and maintains stability within the ecosystem.
truePrice=deltaPrice<=(prevPricemaxbuypercent/10000)truePrice = deltaPrice <= (prevPrice * maxbuypercent/10000)
To manage price impact and ensure stability, our smart contract includes a parameter called "maxbuypercent." This setting acts as a cap on the maximum allowable price adjustment caused by the deltaPrice. If the calculated deltaPrice exceeds the maxbuypercent, the price effect during rebalancing is limited to the maximum value specified by the maxbuypercent setting.
This control mechanism prevents excessive price fluctuations and maintains a balanced trading environment for POZZ. By imposing a limit on the price impact, we ensure a smoother and more controlled adjustment process, promoting a positive and stable trading experience for our users. A version of POZZ smart contract can be reviewed on Testnet here.

Liquidity/Circulating Supply Ratio

Maintaining a healthy liquidity/circulating supply ratio is crucial for the stability and proper functioning of our steady price mechanics. To achieve this, our initial circulating supply is intentionally set to be less than 50% of the total liquidity. This ensures that even during periods of significant selling pressure, the available supply remains well-balanced with the liquidity pool.
By adhering to this "golden rule," we prevent an imbalance where the circulating supply overwhelms the liquidity, which could lead to limitations for our price rebalancing. Additionally, our rewards distribution strategy for mobile app users is designed to support this principle, gradually increasing the circulating supply while maintaining the healthy liquidity/circulating supply ratio over time.
This approach ensures a sustainable and steady market for POZZ, fostering confidence and providing a favourable trading environment for our community.

Initial Circulating Supply

Upon the initial minting of POZZ, the total supply is set at 10 million coins. The initial liquidity pool consists of 50,000 POZZ coins. However, during the launch phase, the maximum circulating supply is capped at 25,000 POZZ coins.
Out of this maximum circulating supply, 16,000 POZZ coins have already been purchased during the presale, which took place until May 30th, 2023. These presale coins will be vested linearly over a period of 4 weeks starting from the launch of the liquidity pool.
In addition, phased release of coins for rewards ensures a controlled distribution and contributes to maintaining the stability of the price. As the trading adoption progresses, more POZZ coins will gradually enter circulation, further enhancing the liquidity and trading opportunities for our community.

The new take on FDV and Market Cap

In the case of POZZ, the calculation of Fully Diluted Valuation (FDV) and Market Cap takes into consideration the total supply of coins. However, it's important to note that the POZZ smart contract includes a portion of coins that are locked in vault addresses and not available for circulation. These locked coins are reserved for standby rebalancing purposes and are not counted in the actual available supply.
This unique approach requires that the FDV and Market Cap are considered in light of the true circulating supply of POZZ, which excludes the locked coins in the vault addresses. By excluding these coins from the calculations, the market valuation of POZZ accurately represents the coins that are actively available for trading and liquidity purposes.

Summary for 'Expert Mode' tokenomics

POZZ tokenomics introduces a novel approach to creating positive gains and maintaining a steady price. With a focus on rebalancing and the inclusion of burn fees, POZZ aims to provide incremental positive appreciation with every trade. The rebalancing mechanism adjusts the pool ratio to reset the price, while the burn fees contribute to the price appreciation for all holders. The existence of price impact for bids is managed by a maximum allowable adjustment, ensuring stability in the price movement. The liquidity-to-circulating supply ratio maintains a healthy balance to withstand selling pressure. Additionally, the unique considerations for FDV and Market Cap account for the locked coins in vault addresses, providing an accurate representation of the actively available supply. With these expert tokenomics, POZZ strives to offer a positive and sustainable trading experience for our community.

Founding Team

POZZ has a strong founding team of two fully doxxed co-founders who are based in Australia and have been developing the POZZ mobile platform and currency since October 2021.
The creator of the POZZ coin, who goes by the handle 'ladypozz', is a female founder who set out with a vision for a universally accessible coin. The importance of having a female founder in the cryptocurrency space cannot be overstated, as the industry has traditionally been male-dominated. By creating a youth-friendly and non-volatile cryptocurrency, ladypozz is breaking down barriers and making the industry more accessible and inclusive for all.
The POZZ team is committed to creating a sustainable and socially responsible cryptocurrency that can be used by anyone, anywhere, regardless of their background or level of experience.
Learn more about the team here.

Why invest in POZZ?

In conclusion, POZZ is a unique and innovative cryptocurrency that is specifically designed to be youth-friendly and non-volatile, making it a safe and accessible option for anyone looking to enter the cryptocurrency space. POZZ aims to establish itself as the first positive crypto for teens and youth, making it sensible and meaningful for younger age groups to engage with.
The POZZ mobile app further adds to its appeal by allowing users to easily earn coins through simple daily activities such as recycling or exercising, making it a user-friendly and convenient way to accumulate POZZ coins. The POZZ mobile platform, combined with its stable and sustainable tokenomics and strong founding team, distinguishes POZZ from other cryptocurrencies.
With an initial supply of 10 million coins, ample room for growth, and a commitment to social responsibility, POZZ has the potential to become a leading player in the industry. As adoption increases and more trades occur, the value of POZZ coin is likely to grow gradually over time, making it a sound investment opportunity for those who value stability and long-term growth.

Investment Opportunity: Participate in POZZ's Growth

POZZ's unique smart contract makes it an exciting investment opportunity with a lot of potential for growth. The smart contract is designed so that as the coin gains more adoption and trading volume increases, the trade fees are automatically reinvested back into the price of the coin, which can lead to positive price growth over time.
If you're interested in investing in POZZ's mission to encourage positive activities for young people and contribute to a better future, there are a few ways to get involved. Firstly, it will be exclusively available on Sushiswap exchange. To invest in POZZ, you can add liquidity on Sushiswap or purchase POZZ coins on the exchange. By doing so, you'll be supporting the growth of POZZ and potentially benefiting from positive price growth over time.
If you would like to know more about POZZ you can chat with our team in Discord or send an email to [email protected].
**Disclaimer** The content in this document is for informational purposes only and does not constitute financial, investment, or other professional advice. Investing in cryptocurrencies carries inherent risks, and you should perform your own research before making any decisions. POZZ and its team members are not responsible for any losses or damages that may occur as a result of using the information provided in this document.
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