Positive gains with every trade.
The value of POZZ coin escalates with each trade. But before we dive into how, let's explore the reason behind this intriguing phenomenon.

What problem does POZZ solve?

POZZ addresses a critical gap in the cryptocurrency landscape. While stablecoins offer stability, they lack the growth potential that attracts many to the world of digital currencies. On the other hand, volatile cryptocurrencies deter everyday users due to the risk of value loss. POZZ emerges as a unique solution, designed to remain stable while steadily increasing in value. This innovative approach offers both stability and growth potential, making it an appealing choice for mainstream adoption and investment.

Who are the founders of POZZ coin?

The architect of POZZ coin is Johannah Maher, an aerospace engineer who saw the need to create a revolutionary kind of cryptocurrency that can 1) grow in value without the stress of volatility, and 2) won’t go down in value / can’t be dumped.
To achieve this engineering feat took 18 months of R&D and special programming for the coin that was led by ladypozz together with her cofounder Amit and a team of blockchain developers. See more in TEAM.


POZZ is an open-source, custom-built smart contract and ERC-20 token minted on the Polygon network, the world's first carbon negative blockchain! POZZ utilizes the Ethereum standard ERC-1967 proxy, allowing for upgrades and ensuring ongoing security, giving it a robust and adaptable foundation for the evolving POZZ ecosystem.

What makes POZZ coin special?

At the core of POZZ lies its groundbreaking design to deliver positive gains with every trade. Unlike traditional cryptocurrencies that experience sudden price drops when selling occurs, and also rely solely on buying pressure to drive the price up, POZZ leverages both buying and selling volume to propel its price higher! This means that regardless of whether it’s a buy or sell transaction, the price of POZZ is destined to rise as trading volume increases.

How does it work?

It's pretty simple! Whenever a trade occurs, a 2.5% tax is levied. Half of this tax (1.25%) is burnt and the price is readjusted upwards by this amount, benefitting all holders. The remaining is then allocated as community rewards, so we can incentivise more adoption without causing any dilution.
POZZ coin: Core attributes
This deflationary process is automatically facilitated by the smart contract, which carries out the burn function and distribution to community rewards, as well as the price rebalancing. You can view the POZZ contract code here.


  • 50% burnt
  • 45% community rewards
  • 5% team
  • 0% investor lockups
POZZ coin starts with 0 circulating supply, and is only released into circulation through purchases and trading volume. When trading occurs, 50% of the buy/sell taxes are burnt, 45% are 'emissions' distributed to community rewards, and 5% to team. Other than direct purchases, this is the only way that POZZ coins come into circulation, meaning that there is no oversupply nor any possibility for dumping that would cause the price to drop. The team's initial allocation is 0, and there are 0 investor lockups.

Liquidity Management

Maintaining a steady upwards-price regulation is made possible by having POZZ coin operating from a single 'mega' liquidity pool. This designated liquidity pair address is on the Sushiswap exchange (Uniswap V2) and can be viewed here.
The POZZ smart contract interacts with this pair address to rebalance the price after each trade. It does this through an algorithm that first determines what the correct pair ratio of the pool should be to reset the price, and then carries out a single-sided 'Dynamic Adjustment' that transfers the required amount of POZZ coins in/out of the pool to/from a reserve address.
The amount of liquidity should always be greater than the available circulating supply, which ensures that price-rebalancing can always occur, even when sell pressure is high.
Another feature of POZZ coin is a maximum buy price impact of 1%. This means that on larger trades a portion of the buy price impact potential is converted into additional liquidity instead of over-inflating the price.
A benefit of this model is that whenever the liquidity exceeds 50% of the available circulating supply, additional POZZ can be distributed into circulation as rewards, fuelling more growth, without compromising the depth required to conduct price-rebalancing at all times.

Dune Analytics

You can view the liquidity ratio levels on our Dune Analytics dashboard.


Completed (2023):

  • Integrate POZZ coin into the POZZ mobile app
  • Test smart contracts on Polygon Mumbai Testnet
  • Launch POZZ/USDC liquidity on Sushiswap
  • Swap POZZ using popular wallet apps e.g. Metamask, 1inch, Trust Wallet
  • Onramp: Buy POZZ instantly on our mobile app using Apple Pay & Google Pay
  • Unlock features in POZZ mobile app

In Development (2023/2024):

  • Additional use cases in POZZ mobile app
  • Expand exchange listings
  • Enable instant shopping payments via Apple Pay & Google Pay
  • Integrate "Pay with POZZ" into Shopify and WooCommerce
  • Make POZZ available on Visa, Mastercard etc.
The POZZ app plays an exciting role in facilitating the growth and scalability of the POZZ coin. With user-friendly features for purchasing, giving, earning and spending POZZ coins, it encourages adoption and usage. The app's upcoming integrations with exchanges and payment systems will expand the utility of POZZ, making it easier to spend, purchase goods, and promote liquidity.


POZZ has a strong founding team of two fully doxxed co-founders who are based in Australia and have been developing the POZZ mobile platform and currency since 2021. The POZZ team is committed to creating a sustainable and socially responsible cryptocurrency that can be used by anyone, anywhere, regardless of their background or level of experience. Learn more about the TEAM.

Invest in POZZ

With POZZ, you can enjoy steady appreciation of the price with each trade that occurs, offering a reliable and stable investment option compared to volatile cryptocurrencies. In addition, POZZ aims for widespread adoption as a practical everyday payment currency, making it an investment aligned with the future of transactions. By investing in POZZ, you actively support positive actions and initiatives, contributing to a more sustainable world. Finally, as user adoption grows, the platform is committed to reinvesting a share of revenues into the value of the coin, benefitting all holders.
POZZ coin: A circular system that redistributes value into the price of the coin.

How to profit with POZZ coins

When you invest in POZZ by purchasing POZZ coins either in-app or directly on-chain, your returns are tied to the subsequent trading volume that occurs. Here’s how it works:

Profit potential

After covering your buy-in costs, your potential profit is determined by the trading volume. The longer you hold onto your POZZ coins, the higher the potential volume and price gains, leading to greater profitability.


Every purchase or sale of POZZ incurs a 2.5% tax, which is automatically deducted and redistributed to increase the price of the coin for everyone. Additionally, depending on the size of your purchase compared to the primary liquidity pool on the exchange, you may pay a premium price above the market price. Keep an eye on this when making your purchase.

Capped risk

You can always sell your POZZ coins at the market price. Therefore, the maximum risk you face is that no trading volume occurs between your purchase and the time you want to sell. In this case, your loss would be limited to the ‘buy-in’ cost of your initial investment (see above).
Invest in POZZ today, and capitalise on future increases in trading volume. As volume rises, so do price gains and potential returns. If you would like to know more about POZZ you can chat with our team in Discord or send an email to [email protected].

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**Disclaimer** The content in this document is for informational purposes only and does not constitute financial, investment, or other professional advice. Investing in cryptocurrencies carries inherent risks, and you should perform your own research before making any decisions. POZZ and its team members are not responsible for any losses or damages that may occur as a result of using the information provided in this document.
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