Positive coins, positive gains.
POZZ Coins: Earn, stack, save, buy & sell
POZZ coins are a new digital money that you can earn by doing pozitive activities on the POZZ mobile app. The ultimate goal of POZZ is for everyday people to be able to use it for buying and selling 'everyday' things in real-life and online shopping. In other words, we aim for POZZ to become your everyday money.
IMPORTANT: The POZZ coin is currently being tested on Polygon's test blockchain (Mumbai Testnet); It is not presently possible to exchange POZZ coins for another currency. Any display of value in $USDC or $USD equivalent is an example only, presented for testing purposes. The exchange rate is subject to change and the starting value of POZZ in $USD will be reset when launched to Polygon Mainnet in the future.
The POZZ mobile app provides a multitude of features that facilitate the use of POZZ coins for a variety of transactions. Vendors can easily accept payments in POZZ coins for their goods and services, whether through the app or e-commerce plugins. Using POZZ's "peer-to-peer" functionalities like the QR code scanner and "Send" option, users can instantly send and receive POZZ coins as payments.
POZZ app: Send POZZ coins instantly using the in-app QR scanner
Moreover, in the near future, POZZ coins can also be used to purchase items online through websites that use Shopify and WooCommerce. With POZZ's seamless payment system, anyone can conveniently and effortlessly use POZZ coins as a means of exchange.

Is the POZZ coin safe?

POZZ coin is a new digital social currency that rewards users of the POZZ app for positive actions and activities each day. The coin is programmed on the blockchain, which ensures that it is secure and can be converted to local currencies (coming soon). Users are incentivized to earn POZZ coins by engaging in positive behaviors and consumer choices. Unlike other social platforms, the POZZ app's video feed is based on positive participation rather than consumption.
To maintain a safe and positive environment for all users, the POZZ video platform is heavily moderated. It uses both human validation and automatic systems to ensure that the content is "POZZitive only". Users also play an active role in self-moderating the platform through our unique "pozitivity" algorithm.
We believe that young people are the key to creating a generation of positive changemakers. Therefore, we have designed POZZ to be safe, sensible, and meaningful for younger age groups to engage with. In summary, POZZ is a safe and positive platform that encourages good behavior and is suitable for all ages.
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