The positive coin.

POZZ is a happy coin that always stays positive. Its value won’t go down and make you sad. Instead, there is always a positive increase in the coin's value each time someone trades with it, which will make you happy!

Accumulating POZZ coins in your app account

The POZZ mobile app's 'Account' section offers an intuitive interface for users to view their POZZ coin balances, track price and value growth, and conveniently manage their coins with various functionalities.
POZZ mobile app: Account screen functions and All Time Gains (ATG%) indicator for POZZ coin.
POZZ mobile app displays the current market value of 1 POZZ in $USDC, streaming LIVE from Sushiswap exchange. POZZ coin's 'All Time Gains' indicator is displayed as a % next to the market price, allowing users to track the cumulative appreciation of the coin's value since its inception.
POZZ coin contract address on Polygon blockchain: 0xd7B3dB69163b7ac72F9E85C9EDEfF8827887a06a

What benefits for holding POZZ in my account?

When it comes to your POZZ coins, we've engineered it to be a coin that steadily rises as trading volume increases, which will reward your patience and belief in our positive vision.
Unlike many other tokens, we've created a unique system where the value of POZZ is geared towards positive growth and upward momentum. So, there's no need to rush into selling or withdrawing your POZZ tokens. The longer you hold, the more potential for positive gains!

How is this positive coin possible?

Because POZZ has special programming built into the coin’s code. The price goes up every time POZZ is purchased or sold, by putting the transaction fees back into the value of the coin. Want to know more? Let's dive into the TOKENOMICS section.
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