You can seamlessly send POZZ coins to other users on the POZZ app, or transfer between your in-app account and any on-chain wallet, with just a few clicks via your Account screen.

Transfer to on-chain wallets

As we're still in the early stages of the project, withdrawals of rewards earned in the app are currently limited based on the available liquidity on the exchange and the amount of trading volume of the POZZ coin.

Eligibility for on-chain transfers

To be eligible for withdrawals, ensure you have:
  • ✅ Sufficient balance available in the platform (e.g. ~20 POZZ or higher)
  • ✅ Minimum number of approved positive videos (e.g. 6 or more positive videos)

Weekly withdrawal limits

Please keep in mind that there are weekly and monthly withdrawal limits for each user account to ensure a fair distribution. The rate of withdrawals for POZZ coins earned in the app, is linked to the trading volume of POZZ coins on the exchange, so if more trading occurs, then more rewards & withdrawals are unlocked.
You can always see the current withdrawal rate on the app's account screen each time you start a new session in the app.
POZZ mobile app: Display of weekly transfer withdrawal rates on the Account screen
At POZZ, our primary goal is to reward positivity that is created by our dedicated and active community members. As the adoption and trading volumes of the POZZ coin continue to grow, we are committed to gradually increasing the withdrawal amounts.

What about coins I purchased with Recharge?

You can always withdraw the amount of coins you purchase with Recharge to an on-chain wallet.

Transaction fees

What about gas fees?

No more gas fees! ⛽️💸 When transferring to an onchain wallet, we cover your $MATIC gas fees, making transfers instant and seamless. Withdraw with ease from your app account to the chain.

In-app transaction fees

When it comes to transferring POZZ coins, in-app transaction fees apply. For withdrawals from the app to a chain wallet, there is a base fee of POZZ plus a % of the transaction value in POZZ coins.
But fear not! These fees serve a purpose. They contribute to the development of the POZZ platform, fuel the growth of the coin, and enable even more rewards for our amazing users. It's a win-win for everyone!