We take pozitivity seriously.
We are committed to POZZ being a safe, secure and most of all a positive place. To achieve this, we are deadly serious on making sure our content and users are positive, by prioritising robust moderation measures in the early development of our platform.
Moderation systems
We have a range of systems that are already online and operating:
  • Auto-blocking: our system detects potentially harmful or inappropriate content and blocks it on upload, so it will never be seen by other users
  • Pre-screening: all new content goes through a rapid pre-screening check before it is passed through to the main feed
  • Validator feed: we have a dedicated content-moderation feed which is visible only to approved Validators, and has extra mod options for fast and focused moderating
  • Community reactions: our fun 'reactions' feature is also a moderation tool, this means the inputs on level of positivity (or negativity) from everyday users, drives our algorithm to keep the feed at maximum positivity!
  • Reporting: the options for anyone to report videos or users instantly, is easily accessible in the app
As well as our automated and human-operated systems, the overall moderation of the platform is also personally overseen and actively managed by the core team members. We seriously care about this.
Content guidelines

Content that is not permitted

Given that the purpose of the app is to film real and positive activities, then we have a range of content that is not permitted and will be invalidated for rewards, blocked or removed:
  • Inappropriate content that is explicit or could be harmful (you know, the usual bad stuff!)
  • Negative tones or actions
  • ‘Fake’ videos such as recording the television or video on phone/computer to display an action
  • Filming others without their consent/permission, including children/minors
  • Filming irrelevant or inanimate blank videos such as walls, floors or waving the phone at a random scene that does not relate to the Activity Title
  • Filming still objects - in passive context, when it is not part of an action
  • Promotion of financial or any cryptocurrency related content
POZZ is a positive-only platform, and any video content deemed to be unsafe or not positive will be invalidated for coin rewards and removed promptly.
Because of this new space we are creating, there are certain types of content that don’t belong on POZ, especially as there are other social platforms where it might fit better. So on POZZ we leave out the politics, the nationalism, the religions, the borders, the preaching, the differences. Instead, we ask you to keep it focused on participating in 'inclusive' pozitive activities together as a human on Planet Earth - the things we all have in common. On POZ we are one and the same.

Content that is accepted

The purpose of POZZ is to record yourself doing pozitive activities that contribute to a more sustainable world. These pozitive videos, are snippets of your daily life that you record and add to POZZ in real-time. It’s easy and instant--it’s not about getting likes or impressing others, so there’s no need for editing or anything fancy.
However it is still important that these videos are pozitive. Meaning that they add pozitivity in some way. The video must be of you and/or your friends doing a pozitive activity. We define ‘pozitive’ as being any activity that could have a pozitive effect on your day, your life, or the people and planet around you. This includes activities like:
  • Biking instead of taking a car to work
  • Planting a new seed in your garden
  • Helping out a friend
  • Cooking a plant-based meal
  • Smiling to spread good vibes
  • Cleaning up the house for mental clarity
  • Learning something new, and really--any pozitive activity you can think of.
In the app, you can explore and join pozitive activities that are happening, and it’s easy to reward others for true positivity by reacting to their videos or joining their activity.
Account suspension
Where there are financial rewards to be gained, there are bad actors...it's an unfortunate reality. But here on POZZ we do not tolerate bad acting whatsoever.
We have a sharp focus on this and are continuously improving our systems and active-moderation to detect suspicious and non-pozitive behaviours. Bad actors will be found out and their accounts suspended.
For example, we have automated account-suspension when a certain number of video reports or user reports have been made.

Behaviour that is not permitted

Doing things that can be considered cheating such as creating a multitude of accounts for the purposes of inauthentic 'farming' of coins, or other negative hacks to get around our moderation systems, are an abuse of our pozitive cause and will not be tolerated.
We are simply not interested in private data of any form. Any data collected by the app is strictly to a minimum required for functional purposes, such as logging in, or providing optimal content which may be based on language or location preferences. All users have the right to delete their account and all associated details at any time (this can easily be done by going to Settings>Delete account).
Location permissions
We never request or use anyone's precise location, so you don't have to worry about that :)
We only request 'generalised location' in order to upload video content and we display the location only at country level (e.g. Australia, Pakistan, South Africa). The reason for requesting this country-level location is because we provide a global connection to join activities with people all over the world, and the 'earth view' is a core part of the POZZ experience.
Security & login

Account creation & login

The way to sign in to apps is rapidly evolving. POZZ is a native 'web3' app, meaning that when creating an account or signing in, we do it with a digital wallet address (you can learn more about it on the excellent Rainbow Knowledge Base). To get into POZZ app, we don't ask for your email or phone number or any of that old traditional stuff!
We provide 2 ways to log in to POZZ. The first way is with a direct 'login code' that we create and provide for you (more on that in a moment). The other way is via WalletConnect which is an external service that allows you to instantly connect and login to POZZ with your existing wallet or other wallet apps such as Metamask, Trust Wallet, Rainbow etc.

Signing in with a digital wallet 'login code'

To ensure the risk is minimised when logging in to POZZ, we never store your login code. Your login code is typically 12 unique words, in an exact sequential order, separated by single spaces. This code is otherwise referred to as a ‘secret phrase’ or ‘seed phrase’ and it is the only way to access your wallet which has been created on a blockchain.
When you signup and create an account with us, we generate your unique login code during the process of creating your wallet address on the blockchain.

Is my code safe?

To avoid any security issues, we never store your login code. Instead, it is encrypted on your device. It is very important to never share your login code with anyone, and we recommend you write it down and store it in a safe place where no one else can access it.
Remember, never share your login code
Age restrictions
We strive to be a safe ‘all ages’ platform. The age limitations for POZZ can be viewed on our landing pages on App Store & Google Play. We diligently comply with all rules and regulations in relation to age restrictions, which are strictly managed by the app store approvals process and reviewed each time we submit a new version of POZZ for publishing.