Join the chain and make a difference!
POZZ is different from TikTok, as it offers a unique "Chain Feed" of short, real-life videos of people joining activities. The app does not have a curated video feed or require creators to produce perfect content. Instead, POZZ focuses on the action and the positive impact it can have. The videos are deliberately low quality, with no filters, effects, editing, comments, sound, captions, or hashtags, to encourage inclusivity for non-creators.
POZZ app video-chains

Inspiration in 10 seconds

Users can join the chain by recording themselves doing the activity in 10 seconds or less with POZZ's special camera and tapping the "Join" button. The chain videos autoplay one after the other, allowing users to see many people doing the same action at once.
POZZ aims to inspire positive actions in just 10 seconds or less. The app offers thousands of activities to choose from, such as "saving paper for recycling" or "reusing shopping bags," and rewards users with POZZ coins instantly. The goal is to make a positive impact on the world, one action at a time.
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