POZZ is a new social media platform where you give coins to friends and people all over the world to motivate each other to join positive activities! Record something pozitive in 10 seconds or less, see who joins you, and earn POZZ coins for your joins!
POZZ mobile app: Join activities with friends and earn POZZ coins
POZZ is a video-sharing platform where users give POZZ coins to each other as rewards for joining positive activities. The app features a unique feed that shows video-chains of hundreds of people joining activities, and a camera designed to capture real-life actions in seconds. There are thousands of positive activities being added daily to join or get ideas from.
Users can buy, give, earn, save, and spend POZZ coins within the app, as well as work on powering up their personal pozitivity score to increase rewards rates and ranking on the in-app leaderboard. The app also features video-reactions that steer the pozitivity algorithm, and a home screen that shows who's giving POZZ coins and who's joining activities right now!

What makes POZZ app unique?

In a world first, POZZ enables users to directly incentivise each other to live a more sustainable lifestyle, through a straightforward reward system. After downloading the app and creating a wallet, users can buy POZZ coins and start giving them to boost rewards for activities they think are the most positive!
In parallel, users can start earning POZZ coins instantly by posting videos of themselves joining activities. After posting, the videos go into a 24h rewards validation cycle where community reactions determine the video’s positivity score and ultimately the amount of coins awarded.
As a user participates in more positive activities and gains more positive reactions, their overall positivity score increases which increases the amount of POZZ coins they can earn per activity.
In the future, the app plans to introduce more advanced AI into the video feed’s positivity-algorithm, to further customise user experience based on their personal stages of the journey to a more sustainable lifestyle.
POZZ allows users to 'flex' their positivity socially in a number of ways. For example, you can be seen as a 'give-fluencer' when other users see how many POZZ coins you've given to promote positivity, which is displayed on your profile. It's also possible for any activity that a user creates to go viral, providing both emotional gratification and extra financial rewards!
Join the POZZ mobile app public beta stage and be part of the development journey! 📱✨ Share your feedback or request new features by emailing [email protected] or logging a #support ticket in our Discord.

Here’s what people are saying about POZZ

“It makes me think pozitive.” —AndiPutra
”Using the app has given me a real sense of what the other parts of the world look like, unlike the whole social media hype.” —AlphaBoss
“I use the app because it gives rewards to its users. It also opens me up to things going on in other countries.” —LovexOfDia
“In the future you don’t need a machine to pay you to recycle. Get paid with POZZ anywhere in the world.” —KingFloki
“We need more pozitive people to make the world better.” —Anhopia
”Bringing pozitivity in one’s life is the best thing ever, earning from doing it is just a bonus.” —dianne_pizarro

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