Positive actions, positive gains.

POZZ: Social video app for positive lifestyles.

POZZ is a fun web3 social-video app powered by POZZ coin on the Polygon blockchain. It combines aspects of earning financial rewards with video-sharing of positive actions, to create a new social-fi category that promotes sustainability in our lifestyles. Users earn the in-app currency, POZZ coin, by posting short videos of themselves doing positive activities such as recycling, eco-shopping, eating healthy or using environmentally-friendly items.
Not a video creator? Be a give-fluencer instead! Viewers can purchase and give POZZ coins as extra rewards to motivate friends and other users to join activities.
POZZ mobile-app: Give coins to promote positive activities and earn coins when you join!
POZZ aims to revolutionise the consumer app market by incentivising millions of users to follow a more sustainable lifestyle. The app solves several problems like “proof of positive action”, using a unique community-based reaction system, but more importantly POZZ incentivises users both socially and financially to do daily activities that they might otherwise skip.
The application is available for Android and iOS and went from inception to its 2nd Public Beta stage in just 12 months, releasing more than 40 versions.
The goal of POZZ is to inspire 300m+ positive videos created daily, making POZZ the catalyst for widespread positive change, sustainability and the ambitious but achievable target of 1% climate change reduction! Read more in the POZZ APP and IMPACT sections.

POZZ coin: Positive everyday money.

POZZ coin is the in-app currency of the POZZ mobile-app, that is purchased and given as rewards to users for doing positive activities. POZZ is also tradable via cryptocurrency exchanges.
But it doesn't stop there. We strive to make POZZ coin your go-to currency for both online and in-person transactions. Imagine supporting local businesses, making purchases, and contributing to a sustainable future with every transaction. With POZZ, your everyday transactions become a catalyst for positive change. We envision a future where POZZ coin is widely embraced by everyday people, providing a stable and growth-oriented currency that is accessible, reliable, and rewarding.

Why POZZ coin?

The world needs a way to place higher value on doing the small things that have positive impacts on our lives, communities and planet. The POZZ coin provides a positive incentive for everyone to make a difference in their world through small actions everyday.
POZZ vision: A green economy where POZZ coins are earned for doing positive things.

Green profits for traders, green planet for all

POZZ coin is a green digital currency that rewards positive actions on our app while offering unique benefits for investors. POZZ has special attributes, such as price-stability combined with steady growth potential, making it unlike any other cryptocurrency that exists on the market today.
With POZZ Coin, traders and investors have a rare opportunity to generate sustainable returns while fuelling incentives for positive actions within our mobile-app user community. As you make green gains, you not only grow your wealth but also empower others to participate in positive activities that contribute to a greener planet. Learn more in our POZZ COINS section.

What makes the POZZ coin unique?

Unlike traditional cryptocurrencies that go up and down in value, POZZ coin is uniquely engineered to remove fluctuations in value and maintain a consistent upward price trajectory.
Regardless of whether the trades are buys or sells, the value of POZZ increases with each transaction through the coin's algorithmic programming, alleviating concerns about sudden price drops. This steady mechanism ensures that investments in POZZ continue to appreciate over time when any volume is traded. Read all about how it works in the TOKENOMICSsection.
By aligning the growth of the POZZ app with the value of the POZZ coin, we create a symbiotic relationship where the success of the platform directly contributes to the value and potential returns of the coin.

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