Creating a generation of POZZitive changemakers.

Positive coins, positive change.

POZZ is a unique social platform and cryptocurrency that rewards users for positive behaviours and activities. Earn POZZ coins when you take part in a positive activity through the POZZ mobile app.
The vision: Everyday people earning POZZ coins through positive activities.
POZZ is a revolutionary new social media platform that encourages positivity and inspires positive action. As the first-ever positive crypto platform for teens, it's designed to foster a safe, fun, and educational environment for young users to engage with the world and each other. With its user-friendly interface and unique features, POZZ is quickly becoming the go-to platform for positive changemakers everywhere.


The world needs a way to place higher value on doing the small things that have big impacts on our lives, communities and planet. The POZZ coin provides a positive incentive for everyone to make a difference in the world through small actions everyday.
By offering incentives in the form of POZZ crypto for engaging in positive activities, we believe that POZZ is revolutionizing the way teens and young people can earn rewards while contributing to a more positive world. Through the combination of earning POZZ coins and using the platform to participate in positive activities, POZZ is changing the game for the future.
With the growing concern around the impact of social media on mental health and well-being, POZZ's focus on positive participation rather than consumption is a refreshing and much-needed change. POZZ aims to establish itself as the first positive crypto platform, and we believe that this innovative approach to incentivizing positive behaviors can have a significant impact on shaping the next generation of changemakers.
By empowering youth to make a positive impact in the world and rewarding them for doing so, we hope to create a culture of positivity and social responsibility that extends far beyond the POZZ app.

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